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A full service government and community relations firm

specializing in message delivery through data and field management

About Us

Dunton Consulting, a full service government and community relations firm

Dunton Consulting, LLC was formed in 2012. We help design and implement campaign and retail outreach programs for businesses, government agencies, candidates, and nonprofits that blend local customs with technology.


We help our clients effectively convey their message through a multi-pronged system that is accountable, metrics driven, and creative.


We specialize in data management, field, community and relational organizing, communication, and campaign designs. We have successfully worked in urban, suburban, and rural settings in two countries and 13 states.

Our Services

Dunton Consulting, a full service government


Political and Issue Campaign/Project Management

We offer day-to-day management of campaigns/projects. Dunton becomes intimately involved, providing a full-time, on-site manager who will live and work within your organization.


Field Program Design and Management

We develop unique and highly retailed field programs that combine local needs with and the industry’s best practices. Using a goal-based program we recruit, train and manage organizers to cover every part of a region or constituency group.


Paperless Canvassing

We fuse technology with tried and true grassroots methods to reach a targeted universe in order to educate, persuade or encourage action. Using GPS enabled Android tablets, our team delivers accurate, real-time quality data. In essence, one can view the exact location.


Phone Services

Phones are the second highest form of communication. Whether it’s a telephone town hall, a live call or an auto call -phones allow for swift, trackable and interactive exchanges. Our phone technology allows our clients to garner event RSVPs, track issues or opinions, conduct live transfers or simply deliver a message.


Non-opt-in Manual Blast Texting

Texting is one of the most directways to get your supporters to show up, act, or contribute. We use a peer-to-peer text messaging platform that provides organizations with an affordable and effective tool to reach their target audience. By facilitating two-way conversations, you can maintain genuine

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Our clients

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Since our inception, Dunton has helped elect 1 US Senator, 2 governors, 3 members of congress, 5 state senators, 16 state house members, 8 mayors, 11 county legislators and 13 city council members in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Wisconsin and Georgia.
  • Mikie Sherrill

      Mikie Sherrill

      US Congress, New Jersey

  • Jessica Ramos

      Jessica Ramos

      NY State Senate

  • Brookdale Hospital

      Brookdale Hospital

      Brooklyn, NY



  • TWU Local 100

      TWU Local 100

  • Phil Murphy

      Phil Murphy

      for Governor

  • Cuomo for NY

      Cuomo for NY

  • Former Congresswoman

      Former Congresswoman

      Carolyn McCarthy (NY)

  • New Jersey Democratic

      New Jersey Democratic

      State Committee