Dunton’s Success

Since our inception, Dunton has helped elect 2 US Senator, 2 governors, 4 members of congress, 6 state senators, 16 state house members, 8 mayors, 11 county legislators and 13 city council members in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Georgia.


Some of our clients include:


  • David Bowen

      David Bowen

      Assembly Member, (WI)

  • Congressman Donald

      Congressman Donald

      Payne Jr. (NJ)

  • Department of Health

      Department of Health

  • Congressman Charlie

      Congressman Charlie

      Rangel (NYC)

  • PSEG


      Public Service Electric and Gas

  • Cory Booker for US

      Cory Booker for US

      US Senator Cory Booker, New Jersey

  • Senator Leroy Comrie

      Senator Leroy Comrie

      (Queens, NY)

  • New Jersey Democratic

      New Jersey Democratic

      State Committee

  • Former Congresswoman

      Former Congresswoman

      Carolyn McCarthy (NY)

  • Cuomo for NY

      Cuomo for NY

  • Phil Murphy

      Phil Murphy

      for Governor

  • TWU Local 100

      TWU Local 100



  • Brookdale Hospital

      Brookdale Hospital

      Brooklyn, NY

  • US Senator Bob Menendez

      US Senator Bob Menendez

      US Senator Bob Menendez, New Jersey

  • Jessica Ramos

      Jessica Ramos

      NY State Senate

  • Miki Sherrill

      Miki Sherrill

      US Congress, New Jersey